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Software for Insurance Agents/ Brokers


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  • All insurance verticals in one frame
  • Customer Tracking
  • Policy Renewal SMS & Mail Reminders for Customers
  • Maturity SMS Reminders for Customers
  • Conversion SMS & Mail Reminders for Agents
  • Customer Data Record
  • Business Reports

Software for Insurance Agents/ Brokers

All insurance in a single frame

We have developed a very user-friendly web application that supports you with all insurance verticals, viz. Health, Life, Motor, and General Insurance, in a single frame. You can optimize every single database of your clientele via our insurance software to track your customers of each genre through a common portal. From now onwards, you don’t require to open multiple Excels or online sheets to trace your clients anymore.

Customer Tracking

You can easily and effectively track down all of your customer data along with their Insurance Policies linked from all sorts of Insurance verticals such as Motor, Life & Health. Every single Policy document can easily be uploaded into the web application and kept securely, which you can access, download and share with your clientele from anywhere and at any course of action such as Claim or in some emergency.

Plan a meeting

One can plan small meetings to follow up on leads and convert them financially to your client. One can also arrange a feasible date and time slot for one’s meet and get meeting details in the software. One can also detect your scheduled meetings in the Detail Panel of the dashboard. Soon, you will be getting notification SMS reminders for your scheduled meetings with your clients.

Policy Renewal SMS & Mail Reminder

The software dashboard helps with the notification reminding SMSs to the customers before 45 days of Renewals and till 15 days of Overdue Renewals. The software also supports agents by displaying the notifications on the screen that makes it easy for you to detect the number of upcoming Renewals. The software also sends Welcome SMSs to all the fresh clients. One can also send unlimited notification SMS and E-Mail Reminders to all selected customers from the software dashboard.

Document Monitoring

One can maintain a positive balance with one’s customers by securing their documents with their details. All the records added for a client can be traced efficiently in the application. One can have all the relevant details of a customer such as documents attached and policy details of Life, Health, Motor, and General Insurances. One can also attach or remove a document of any customer as per the requirement.